24 Hour Fitness

Creative lead for a smart fitness app that adapts to your goals 2017-Present Austin App Design Front-End Dev Web Design Email Code Motion Graphics Video Editing Marketing Material Prototyping Wireframing Media Acquistion

Your Trainer

Contract work designing the UI and app prototypes for a personal trainer startup. 2016-2017 Austin Web Design Prototyping Media Acquistion

Cube Moments

Creative and UX lead for a machine learning app analyzes your videos to find and share the most significant moments. 2016 San Francisco App Design Branding Logo Prototyping Wireframing Media Acquistion

The Cube

Creative and front-end lead for a popular live streaming platform for sharing and watching events worldwide. 2013-2017 Chicago San Francisco Media Acquistion Email Ad Campaigns Front-End Dev Web Design Marketing Material App Design Branding Video Capture Video Editing Motion Graphics Logo Prototyping Wireframing Optimization Testing Photography Data Analysis Audio Editing Social

Pigments Boutique

Design and branding for a brick and mortar boutique store in Portland. 2015 Portland Media Acquistion Logo Email Ad Campaigns Print Media Marketing Material Web Design Photography Social


Created from scratch an ultra light web app providing instant access to curated EDM on demand for any screen. 2013 Web Design Logo Audio Editing Social Front-End Dev Data Management Media Acquistion Branding


Branding, design, UX and front-end lead establishing a successful natiowide consumer auto listings brand. 2011-2012 Austin Chicago Branding Motion Graphics Logo Front-End Dev Web Design Ad Campaigns Media Acquistion Wireframing Optimization Testing

AHL Exotics

Created social media campaign and contest for stimulating the AHL brand on social networks. 2011 Social Photography Photo Manipulation Branding

Apartment Home Living

UX manager for a highly emotional, user-optimized and nationally used apartment lifestyle site. 2006-2012 Austin User Testing Marketing Material Email Print Media Ad Campaigns Front-End Dev Web Design Branding Motion Graphics Optimization Testing Photography Data Analysis Social


Personal photography site to house my snaps from my travels. Anything worth seeing. 2005-2011 Photography Front-End Dev Web Design Branding

Vector Art

Created custom illustrations of some of my favorite things. Applied to digital, print and apparel. 2011 Illustration Print Media

Dutch Slave Trade

Design and photo work for painter Kenneth Holland in Oakland to showcase his work. 2010 Oakland Web Design Front-End Dev Photography

Invicible Scars

Product, web design and e-commerce for a successful scar cream product line developed by doctor Minas Chrysopoulo. 2009-2010 San Antonio Print Media Email Data Management Marketing Material Ad Campaigns Front-End Dev Web Design Branding Social

Days of War Nights Of Love

Simple website to host counter-culture material and online forum to foster discussions. 2008 Front-End Dev Web Design Print Media