who i am

  • Builder of bridges that fill the gap between people and tech.
  • I've been absorbed in design, product, brands, tech and development for over 12 years.
  • Confident and humble leader that’s able to inspire others to fully realize ideas and concepts.
  • Integral role in the acquisition of 2 successful startups.
  • Precise, efficient and meticulous about anything that has my name attached to it.
  • Has a perfectly assembled go bag just in case.

what i want

  • Effective interactive communication is the sum of many purposeful choices. When done well, the result of those decisions is often felt more than just seen or heard.
  • I want to make people feel things.
  • I want to create lasting worth.
  • I want to fully engage an idea with other equally passionate and talented people.
  • I want to apply my visual, interaction and brand building experience to something I believe in.

what i use

  • Concept Freehand, Realtimeboard, Balsamiq
  • Design Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, Keynote
  • Prototype Protopie,, InVision, Principle, Flinto, Framer
  • Motion After Effects, Premiere, AnimateMate
  • Optimize Optimizely, Google Optimize, UsabilityHub
  • Code CSS, HTML, Javascript, Github, Bitbucket, Email, Rails

how i got here

  • SXSW Interactive Austin, 2008 - 2014, 2017
  • Maker Faire San Francisco, 2015, 2016
  • Lone Star Ruby Conference Austin, 2010
  • University of Texas Arlington BFA Graphic Design, 2001 - 2003
  • San Jacinto College 2000 - 2001
  • Perpetual passion and curiosity. Chasing the spark. Defending ideas I believe in and knowing when other insights should succeed them.

what i've done

Creative Director @ Your Trainer, 24GO

2017 - Present Austin

Managing a design intern and directing all the product design. In regular communication with 24 Hour Fitness operations and responsible for high fidelity design of the app, interactive prototypes, motion graphics, promo marketing, social content and helping to develop bizdev pitches. Light development of the front-end for both the web and app platforms.

Creative Director @ The Cube

2012-2017 San Francisco Chicago Austin

Primary driver of design and product decisions since inception. Alongside the CEO and CTO we scaled up operations and funding from a team of 4 to over 50 people. Managed a full-time designer and marketer, as well as multiple contract designers to produce some awesome product features in a mobile app, smart tv, tablet and web. Involved with all facets of the company until the acquisition by a major national media company.

Cubbies finally give us a world series after 108 years.

UX Manager @ ApartmentHomeLiving,

2008 - 2012 Austin

Led design and front-end development of web and mobile interfaces for two national brands as well as other email, ad campaigns and social content strategies. Guided developers and marketing team members on all design and usability issues. Led multivariate testing and design iterations that lead to yuge bumps in conversions, revenue and ultimately a major acquisition.

Obama serves us up some hope.

Sr Graphic Designer @ Apartments Mail Direct

2006 - 2008 Austin

Tasked with designing and publishing a monthly print catalog from scratch. Transitioned with the company to create a lifestyle apartment website and became head the design and UX strategies.

Contract Design, Photo and Web Work

2004 - 2006 Seattle Austin

Hustled to take on various design, web and photo work wherever it could be found. Taught myself PHP and how databases work. Commissioned photography for various needs: real estate, weddings and candid event shots. Sold photo prints online. Night stocked at Target.

Spirit and Opportunity touch down on Mars.

Production Manager @ The Shorthorn Newspaper

2001 - 2003 Arlington

While attending classes I worked my way up from ad artist to production manager where I was responsible for hiring two designers. Produced a daily paper and worked closely with ad reps to develop campaigns, proofs and create in-house promotional content. Contributed photography, editing and design to the launch of Renegade Magazine.